The Golfer's "Golden Ticket"

Contest scratcher cards are invaluable for any charity event and serve a dual purpose: the first is that the card serves as the "entry ticket" to allow the purchaser to compete in all on-course contest with a chance to win a tournament prize; the second is the "scratcher card" which will give all purchaser's a chance to win one of several great prizes (client must supply prize; we can assist with prize solicitation for an added cost).  The best part is that you set the price!  


One side of the card is your ticket which includes information regarding all of your event games & contests – golfers cannot win any of your prizes without buying this card first.  Cards should be sold at registration and on the course at a contest station.


On the opposite side of the card is a scratcher.  We have two designs to choose from: (1) Casino Scratcher Cards, and (2) ChariTee Contest Scratcher Cards.  The Casino Cards are best used with casino-style games - we recommend Blackjack or Poker.  Here is how they work:

Casino Scratcher Cards

  • Each participant will scratch the foil on their playing cards to revel their hand (Joker cards will play as wild cards).

  • If a participant reveals a special event logo (can be title sponsor, event or other logo image) they will instantly win a prize (client must supply prize).

  • The dealer (volunteer or other event staff member) will draw five (5) “Community Cards” cards.

  • Golfers will use their two (2) playing cards and the Community Cards to:

    1. Form their best 5-card hand for Poker

    2. As their two (2) initial cards for Blackjack

  • The player with the best hand in each foursome will win a small contest prize at the hole and will automatically be entered to win a grand prize (best hand of the day).

ChariTee Contest Scratcher Cards

The ChariTee Contest Card Scratcher is typically used during the awards ceremony or reception:

  • A 3-digit number would be drawn at random (more than one number may be drawn if there are multiple prizes available.  We recommend no more than 5 scratcher winners total).

  • The person(s) with the matching card number would win a grand prize.


NOTE: prizes should be valued at $500 or more; any nice item you are able to collect from donations is highly suggested.

(Sample Casino Scratcher Card Below)

(Sample ChariTee Contest Scratcher Card Below)

Easy & Effective Fundraising!


Add a Beat the Pro Contest, shoot out, ball drop, or other fun activities to create additional value.  Create a "Golf Contest Sponsor" and place your sponsor's logo on the cards!

Most events sell these cards to approximately 70% to 90% of their golfers!

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