To say that these are trying times would be an understatement.  The current state of emergency that is known as coronavirus (COVID-19) has fully engulfed society on a global scale, instilling panic and creating a sense of uncertainty.  When will the pandemic end?  When will it be safe to resume public gatherings?  And...Is there enough toilet paper to get us through the rest of the ye?  We are right there with you on these thoughts and concerns.  In the world of golf, we are resolved to the thought that, of all the hazards, fear is the worst. 


While it is important for each of us to do our part to help restore the health and safety of our community, we also must remember to remain proactive with our own physical & mental health.  Recreational activities don’t have to involve social engagement - in fact golf as a form of recreation in the confines of your own environment just might be the right antidote to the mounting fears over coronavirus.  

While the golf courses are closed for now, we encourage you to keep golf going as best as you can.  Below are some tips to help you stay in “the swing of things”.  


Feed your mind.  Reading golf-related literature such as books or blogs, and even watching self-help videos, is an excellent way to discover new ways to improve your golf game.  Not only can it help you lean new techniques and strategies, it can also shift your thought pattern and may even improve your mental health during these times of disbelief.


Harvey Penick was a big believer in repetition and keeping your new movements in slow-motion.  In fact, he even authored a self-help book to support his teachings - check out this legendary publication on Amazon.comhttps://www.amazon.com/Harvey-Penicks-Little-Red-Book/dp/1451683219


Don’t just Netflix and chill.  Turn on the Golf Channel or even check out self-help videos online.  Use this opportunity to watch and learn - study the course management of a skilled gofer, analyze their posture and grip, and evaluate their methods and approach.  Adopt these methods and practice your newfound observations at home.  


Practice, practice, practice.  Just because the golf courses are closed doesn’t mean you can’t practice your skills at home.  In fact home is a great place to practice your short game. You can also work out kinks in your golf swing and sharpen fundamental skills.  Here are a few do-it-yourself options to consider:


  1. Putting Drills: Put several feet of masking tape on the floor/surface in a straight line and hit short putts along the tape.  The tape serves as a directional guide for the path of the putter through the ball.  Aim to keep your eye position, routine and putter face alignment consistent.

  2. Chipping Drills: Place a towel 6 to 10 feet away for the drill.  Practice landing your ball on the towel while chipping off a carpeted surface (or artificial mat).  This process will help you improve distance control.

  3. Swing Practice: Use a heavy or weighted club to practice your swing.  Even 25-50 swings a day with a heavy club can help make a big difference with increasing club speed.  It will also help you to be strong, flexible and retain muscle memory.  Be sure to find a spot at home where you can comfortably take a full golf swing!


With every unfolding moment we are finding opportunity for the future.  Together we will all come out of this stronger and smarter.  We look forward to being able to share the day with you and celebrate our victories.  In the meantime, be careful out there.


NOTICE: O.C. Golf Events fully supports the orders of state and federal public health experts.  If you feel sick or unwell or if you have recently traveled to areas known for infection, then we highly encourage you to be proactive with your health and seek medical assistance.  If there is an order in your area to self-quarantine then we urge you to follow the requirements of government authority.

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