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Michele Paddleford Headshot.png

Director of Marketing

Michele Paddleford

Michele began her career with O.C. Golf Events as Project Manager with a lead emphasis on charity golf tournaments.  Her acute attention to detail and creative eye expanded her vocational scope to encompass various marketing tasks including content development, collateral design, and social media management.  As her role with O.C. Golf Events evolved and client needs expanded, she began to divulge into more marketing-related assignments and eventually emerged into her current position as Director of Marketing.


Ms. Paddleford didn’t intend to embark on a vocation in marketing; conversely her college studies were rooted in the legal sector.  She attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas and Community College of Southern Nevada where she studied law and sociology.  In 2001, she returned to Orange County and for the following 15 years worked as the Senior Director of Operations for a marketing firm and a Marketing Consultant for numerous businesses.


Michele’s career tenure includes nearly 20 years of solid marketing expertise.  Her curriculum vitae boasts benchmark success in social media management, collateral development, creative design strategies, copywriting, website development, marketing campaign leadership, and event production. 

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