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Step Up Your Game...

O.C. Golf Events offers a variety of value-added services that can be utilized as standalone or incorporated into your planning needs.  In addition to enhanced event elements, O.C. Golf Events offers numerous a la carte golf items that can help enhance your event elements including:


Our team of professional female golfers can help drive fundraising efforts while providing classy entertainment on the golf course. 



Professional websites can be customized with your event branding and include online golfer registration, sponsor sign-up portal, event marketing and communications, and more!



Take your tournament scoring digital and put the scoring right in the hands of your golfers.  Keep everyone updated with live leaderboards and eliminate painstaking handwritten scoreboards.


Our industry connections afford our clients with some of the best pricing on hole-in-one and contest insurance.  Let us shop for the best solution to help save you money and put more profits back into your pocket.

ChariTee Contest Cards

Contest scratcher cards are invaluable for any charity event and serve a dual purpose: the first is that the card serves as the "entry ticket" to allow the purchaser to compete in all on-course contest with a chance to win a tournament prize; the second is the "scratcher card" which will give all purchaser's a chance to win one of several great prizes (client must supply prize; OCGE can assist with prize solicitation for an added cost).  The best part is that you set the price tag!  

Front - Contest Card

Contest Cards are $8 each (usually 70-90% of your golfers will purchase this ticket for $50 - $100 each).  One side of the card is your ticket (see below) which includes information regarding all of your event games & contests – golfers cannot win any of your prizes without buying this ticket first.  Tickets should be sold at registration and on the course at a contest station.

Back - Contest Card

On the opposite side of the card is a scratcher number (see below).  One number will be drawn at random during your awards ceremony or reception, and the matching number win a grand prize.  Grand prize should be a value of $500 or more.  Any nice item you are able to collect from donations is highly suggested.