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Golf tournaments tend to create a sense of competition amongst participants.  Most groups are "in it to win it" and are likely to maintain the competitiveness until they have completed all18 holes.  In the end the winners are announced, and even the last place team (or what O.C. Golf Events likes to refer to as the "most honest team") are typically recognized.  Be sure to give your golfers a special token to help them memorialize their victory!  Team awards can be offered in a variety of formats - from trophies and placards to premium liquor and even golf clubs!  Let O.C. Golf Events help you find the perfect prize to gift to your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and even last place teams.  Regardless of whether you are offering awards for your top 3 teams or just your first place winners, we are here to help you find a creative offering that is also budget-friendly.

Golf Tournament Team Prizes.JPG


O.C. Golf Events can not only help organize and manage all of your tournament contests, but we can also procure an assortment of contest prizes that are sure to surprise and delight your winners!  Our offerings include some of the finest in golf technology, golf equipment & supplies, trips & excursions, dining experiences, and more!  We can also help you come up with new and creative contests to provide a variety of fun and competitive activities for all participants!  Incorporate contest prizes with the O.C. Golf Events Contest Card to further enhance your fundraising objectives while at the same time providing your golfers with the ultimate contest experience!  Click here to learn more about our Contest Card.

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