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You Need a Successful Golf Fundraiser...We Have a Strategy!

Whether you have already begun planning a charity golf event or have not yet entered the planning phases of your fundraiser, O.C. Golf Events is here to help!  We can help streamline all aspects of your planning procedures to ensure that your golf event performs smoothly, allowing you to focus on creating everlasting partnerships with donors, sponsors, and participants. 

Explore our charity golf tournament services offered below.

NOTE: While we are based in Orange County, California, O.C. Golf Events does offer course and location flexibility.  Our services may be performed for tournaments at any golf course domestically and internationally.  Please be sure to ask us more about course and travel options when inquiring about your golf event.

O.C. Golf Events Tournament Registration

Event Consulting & Production


Event Marketing, Branding, and Media Solutions

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Golf Logistics & Course Setup

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Additional Event Support

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