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O.C. Golf Events capitalizes on all aspects of golf outings and aim to provide you and your group with a memorable golf experience.  We realize that there can be many challenges associated with planning a group golf outing such as administrative costs to support coordination efforts, insufficient industry knowledge and connections, and lack of working knowledge to support a versatile golf outing.  O.C. Golf Events can help enhance your overall golf experience by presenting unique offerings, organizing logistics, and minimizing administrative efforts.  Let us help you bring your vision full circle!  Our corporate golf services include:

  • Custom-tailored client offerings that are unique to your company and golf needs

  • Destination management collaboration

  • Venue research, price negotiation, and contract processing

  • All-inclusive price options

  • Optional course buyouts

  • Easy billing process

  • On-site coordination

  • United communication front between you and your golfers ("us" and "we" - not "I" or "OCGE")

  • Competitions and fun activities

  • Scoring, awards and prizes

  • Merchandise, food, and beverage logistics

  • Post-event reporting


If you are looking to expand on your golf outings and are considering philanthropic avenues, O.C. Golf Events can help you discover ways to give back.  We have close connections with many charitable organizations and can help you partner with a deserving non-profit to support their fundraising needs.  Click here to learn how we can connect you with local non-profits to help you engage your corporate social responsibility.

Golf Add-On's

The following services are optional add-on's for your golf outing:

  • Boxed lunches

  • Lunch or dinner buffet

  • Open tab with or without restrictions (beverage cart or snack shop)

  • Sit down or to go meals

  • Hotel accommodations and transportation

  • Assistance with hotel venue analysis​

  • Retrieving quotes for rooms and conference space at local hotels and resorts

  • Transportation quotes from partnered companies

  • Golf event website with online registration for your golfers

  • Creative team building activities



SNAG Golf contains all the basic elements of golf, but in a modified form. Falling somewhere between miniature golf and regulation golf, SNAG allows for full shots, pitching, chipping and putting. Its design makes it both safe and portable, allowing instruction, practice and play to take place both inside and outside. SNAG golf is great for building better relationships in the work space, really bringing everyone together as a team.