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We have a wide variety of golf accessories that are guaranteed to satisfy almost any golfer!  Options include custom head covers, ball markers, custom golf gloves, bag tags, logoed golf balls, and more!  Contact us to explore all of our golf accessory selections or better yet, let us help you build a custom gift package for your next event!


Take your gift giving to the next level with custom golf belts!  Belts are an uncommon offering at most tournaments but provide golfers with an elevated gifting experience.  Belts are usually set up as a display at registration and allow participants to select their own choice of skin, color, and texture providing hundreds of gift possibilities, each suitable for individual wardrobe, style, and taste.

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Cooler Bottle Bag.jpeg


Cooler bags are extremely versatile for gifting to golfers at tournaments.  Not only are cooler bags functional for storing other gift goodies, but they are also extremely useful for future golf outings.


Bags are small yet offer plenty of storage space.  They feature accessory pockets for storing golf balls, snacks, golf tees, or other items and come in various sizes including can and bottle bag options.  And, as with most gift items, bags can be branded for your event or sponsors.

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O.C. Golf Events has partnered with some of the top golf apparel companies to provide a variety of fashionable golf attire for men and women of all sizes, shapes, and styles.  Choose from a vast selection of golf polos, pullovers, jackets, long sleeve shirts, belts, headwear, skorts, and more!  Add your event or sponsor logo to extend your tournament branding!

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Golf shoe bags are a unique gift that your golfers will definitely use and appreciate.  Shoe bags (aka golf shoe totes) are a functional way to protect and transport golf shoes.  Bags are offered in a variety of styles and include optional features such as extra pockets, designer trim, and the option to brand your event or sponsor logo directly on the front of the bag.

Golf Towels.jpg


Golf towels are essential for keeping club heads and golf balls looking their best and in proper working order.  Golf towels are available in a variety of sizes, choice of fabric (microfiber, poly blend, and cotton), can be constructed with grommet and hanging clip for easy bag attachment, and are offered in a variety of colors.  Logo printing is also offered for additional cost.

Stars & Stripes Golf Hat.jpg


Who doesn't enjoy a nice hat?  Many golfers not only enjoy collecting hats from the different tournaments they attend, but they also tend to wear them on the day of the event (especially if they forgot theirs at home).  It is also a great way to brand your event or give your top sponsor that extra level of advertisement as the branding goes home with every single recipient.


Custom hats are available in an assortment of colors and styles including flexible fit, mesh back ("trucker-style"), snapback, buckle back, Velcro back, and visor.

Scheyden Golf Sunglasses.jpg


Sunglasses are another great gifting option that your players won't be expecting.  Similar to the custom belts, sunglasses are often setup as a gifting station at registration.  Since sunglasses are typically an individual style preference, we suggest selecting an assortment of glasses and allowing your players to choose from a variety of frames that are suitable to their personal fashion.


One of the more popular gift items are travel bags - but did you know that there are a variety of bags and backpacks to choose from?  We have a huge assortment of bags that are specifically designed for the golfer that is always on the go including duffle and sports bags (rolling options offered), travel gear bags, computer bags, travel kits, and executive backpacks.  Not only will your golfers appreciate the bags, but they are also useful for carrying all the other tournament goodies they may receive!  Contact us to learn more about are vast offering of styles, colors, sizes, and personalization options.

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Custom Yetis Golf Gift.JPG


Beverage containers are another practical gift to present to your golfers because they are functional for everyday use - plus they easily fit inside any gift bag or carrying case!  We offer a variety of beverage containers for your next golf event including insulated tumblers and thermos.  Choose from a selection of popular colors, sizes, lid styles, and brands.  Options include stainless steel and PVC - custom branding is also available (laser engraving or screen imprinting).


Golf Umbrella.jpg

Golf umbrellas are an excellent gift idea regardless of your tournament's weather conditions.  It is something that your players may not purchase for themselves and come in handy whether or not your golfers are out on the course.  These oversized umbrellas are offered in a variety of colors and styles and can be personalized with your event name or sponsor(s) logo.

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