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Eileen Kelly

Despite her father’s plea to take up golf at a young age, Eileen didn’t start find an interest in the sport until she started college.  As a child she trained at an elite ballet studio for 14-years and in her late teens she chose to take the game of golf more seriously.  Fascinated with similarities that were parallel to her ballet training, she quickly became addicted to the sport.  She realized that, while golf is extremely technical, you still have to rely on your feel for the game which requires extreme dedication, determination ,and diligence.  Once she aligned with this connection, she immediately regretted not listening to her father’s petition to play in her youth.


In July 2008, just one year after taking up the sport, Eileen played in her first golf tournament – she made the cut and broke 80 for the first time.  Her performance lander her a golf scholarship to the University of British Columbia.


As her passion for the game continued to grow, she made notable strides in her scoring averages, dropping her handicap from 36 to an astonishing +1.  Her success has opened doors beyond the national level.  She has received entries into the Irish Women’s Open, Thai LPGA, Thai LPGA Masters, a China LPGA event, and has competed on the Australian women’s tour which is co-sanctioned with the European tour.

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