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Pros and Social Media

O.C. Golf Events will ensure that your Lady Pro(s) represent and reinforce your mission statement throughout the day.  Pros will promote your event on their social media before and during your golf event.  Current audience (as of February 2022):

Maiya Strength & Support 2018.webp

Maiya Tanaka

Facebook Followers = 6,000+

Instagram Followers = 55K+

Twitter Followers = 3,800+

Savannah Vilaubi O.C. Golf Events.jpeg

Savannah Vilaubi

Instagram Followers = 72.2K+

Twitter Followers = 5,600+

Tisha Alyn Abrea O.C. Golf Events 1.jpeg

Tisha Alyn Abrea

Facebook Followers = 3,200+

Instagram Followers = 280K+

Twitter Followers = 28.6K+

Paris Griffith O.C. Golf Events.jpeg

Paris Griffith

Facebook Followers = 800+

Instagram Followers = 30.2K+

Twitter Followers = 1,500+

Eileen Kelly O.C. Golf Events 6.jpeg

Eileen Kelly

Facebook Followers = 1,100+

Instagram Followers = 44.5K+

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