A Simpler & Safer Form of Golf Fundraising

Are you looking for a slimmed down version of a standard fundraising golf tournament, but don't want to sacrifice the amount of funds you can raise?  Then we’ve got the perfect solution!


Fill your fundraising voids with just 1/4 of your normal golf tournament participants!

Golf-a-thons (or golf marathons) have been around for almost 150 years and are an alternative format to golf tournament fundraisers with several proven advantages:


  • The only work required by you and your committee is to recruit event sponsors and only 18-20 golfers (rather than the traditional 144) who can raise pledges, golf as many holes as they can in one day, and bring a playing partner to do the same. 


  • It's an incredible opportunity for your audience of regular golfers whom: (A) are passionate about the sport, (B) have a desire to compete, and (C) are motivated to support your organization. 


  • Golfers are not charged to participate providing they meet the minimum fundraising requirements. 


  • Participants golf from sunrise to sunset and track their progress using a live scoring device (included in the package cost). Your organization earns money from golfer pledges for every action they complete including # of holes played and other on-course accomplishments (i.e. birdies, eagles, 1-putts, chip ins). 


Golf-a-thons not only help to reduce the costs that are normally associated with running a golf tournament, but it also improves fundraising capabilities. Give some thought to marathon events (i.e. jog-a-thons and walk-a-thons) – they typically experience profound success due to the simple fact that people give because they support from within their own personal network of connections.  This principle of relationship-based giving is the most important fundamental in fundraising which is simply that people are inclined to give to people they know.  A golf-a-thon essentially converts each of your golf participants into part-time fundraisers for your organization.  

Golfer hitting golf

Our 2020 clients have raised $50K - $100K+ with only 36 golfers, even amid COVID-19 concerns and safety restrictions!

When it comes to achieving your organization’s mission and fundraising outreach, consider this: with a standard golf tournament your committee is working hard to fill 144 (or more) golfer spots and your efforts may end right there with no additional revenue.  With a golf-a-thon you only need to reach 18-20 key golfers that are going to contact their network for support to expand your fundraising reach.  

Why Choose A Golf-A-Thon Over A Golf Tournament?

Golf-A-Thons Are Safer!

If your golf event has been affected by recent economic and social circumstances and you are at a planning crossroads, a golf-a-thon might be the best solution.  However, when presenting to your board or committee members you may receive the following feedback: 

  • "We don't want to downsize our golf event."

  • "The best part about our tournament is the post-golf reception!"

  • "We should be safe scheduling a golf tournament by                 ."

  • "It's our anniversary year and we need to go big!"

Puts your supporters at ease!

In 2021, even after the wide distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, many of your supporters might not be comfortable traveling or gathering anytime soon.

Complies with social gathering mandates

There will be no more than 50 attendees (36 golfers max, production team, volunteers and board/committee members) whereas a traditional golf tournament has at least 150+ people in attendance.  Downsizing will not only save on costs, but it also meets the current and forecasted COVID-19 safety restrictions for social gatherings.  

We've got your PPE covered!

Your production team will bring all of the necessary PPE to execute the event (NOTE: this is also an excellent branding opportunity for your sponsors!).

Impressive Fundraising Potential, MINIMAL Planning Requirements


Operationally, golf-a-thons will drastically reduce the amount of planning & effort required by your committee.  You will work in collaboration with your golf production team who will handle all the fine details to make your event effortless and stressless.  Click here to learn more.

Comparing Dollars & Sense

Now that you know a little more about planning a golf-a-thon, it’s time to dive into the financial benefits of hosting this unique fundraising format.


You may be asking yourself “how can I possibly raise more money with less golfers?”, “what do I need to charge?”, “can fundraising dollars match our regular golf tournament profits?”.  Allow us to paint your financial outlook - the difference may surprise you!

Sample Golf Tournament Financial Outlook

  • # of Golfers = 144

  • Projected Revenue = $136,000
    (Includes Auction & Other Fundraising Activities)

  • Projected Expenses = $73,000
    (more than 50% of revenue)


Estimated Net Tournament Profit = $63,000

Sample Golf-A-Thon Financial Outlook

  • # of Golfers = 36

  • Projected Revenue = $125,000
    (Additional Fundraising Not Required)

  • Projected Expenses = $25,000
    (only 20% of revenue)


Estimated Net Marathon Profit = $100,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Would I need to offer any sort of dinner & awards reception or post-golf gathering for my golfer participants?

Your primary objective with a golf-a-thon should be to secure event sponsors, golfers, and golfer pledges.  If you want to consider hosting a dinner & awards reception, then it is best to schedule this for another date.  Remember: your golfers will be there all day, and some may finish playing earlier than others so you won’t have an entire crowd that will want to stay.  However, your production team will offer a to-go food item for participants to take with them after they have completed their rounds.


Can a golf-a-thon be completed in one just one day or over a couple of days?  What is the best timeline format? 

You can hold a golf-a-thon over any time period, whether it be one or multiple days.  However, if you want to maximize profits and sponsor support, then hosting it as a 1-day event is preferred. 


What are the standard costs associated with a golf-a-thon?

Golf-a-thons require less than half of the amount of expenses that it would normally take to run a golf tournament.  For more details, please refer to the P&L by clicking here.


What about my auction?  How would replacing my regular golf tournament with a golf-a-thon potentially impact my other fundraising activities?

We encourage you to separate auction activities from your golf-a-thon so that you can focus on your golfers and their pledges.  If your committee is resolute on having an auction, then there is no need to cancel your plans – instead consider adjusting your format.  Online auctions are becoming increasingly popular due to the new social standards and hosting your auction via the web offers numerous added benefits.  It provides the opportunity to expand your reach to people who may not have participated if they were unable to physically attend the auction.  You may also host the auction as a completely separate event or tie it into your golf-a-thon by hosting the auction live while the marathon is underway.  If you would like to elect to include your online auction as part of your event, then we would recommend starting at least 2-weeks in advance and conduct live updates during the golf-a-thon with winners announced at the end of the day.  Your production team can even help you livestream your winner announcements!