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Savannah Vilaubi

Savannah Vilaubi is a professional female golfer with numerous career accomplishments.  She first began playing golf when she was just 8 years old.  Growing up in a baseball family, she drew inspiration from the great New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera.  “He could not miss (his spots) and we just loved, loved, loved watching him pitch.  I would always ask ‘how do you get that good?’ because it was inspirational watching someone be that good when he did it routinely.”


Vilaubi attended Warren High School in Downey, CA where she was taken under the wing of Micky Yokoi who became her mentor and trainer.  While attending Warren High School, Savannah earned numerous accolades including Rookie of the Year as a freshman and Player of the Year every year thereafter.  She also qualified for CIF in all 4 years.  


“Growing up, whatever I did, I just wanted to be a pro at it – whatever that meant. I just wanted to be a professional whatever it was…I always kept it on the backburner, and then got serious about it in high school and realized what professional golf meant, what playing on scholarship meant in college.”


Her dedication to golf earned her a scholarship to University of California Riverside where, aside from earning her degree in major media and cultural studies, also majored in golf.  Savannah’s UCR successes included the school’s lowest all-time scoring average, the first to qualify for the NCAA Regional Tournament as an individual, and player of the year in her senior year.


Post-college she went on to play at the professional level and has been growing her career accomplishments since.  Her success includes the following:


  • Winner of two 2016 Cactus Tour events (Wigwam, Litchfield Park, AZ and The Shriner's Cup at Legacy Resort in Phoenix, AZ)

  • Winner of the 2016 Texas Women's Open

  • 2015 Winner of The Duke at Maricopa on the Cactus Tour

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