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Joe Sperazza Jr. Headshot.png

Founder & President

Joe Sperazza Jr.

Joe Sperazza Jr. founded ChariTee Consulting LLC in 2015 following a 5-year tenure at Monarch Beach Golf Links where he served as the Director of Sales & Marketing.  Realizing that most courses lack the bandwidth and resources needed to help clients organize their golf outings, Joe took the initiative to fill the industry void by starting a new company aimed to bridge the gap between event production, golf knowledge, trade connections, and client relations. 


Joe has spent nearly 30 years in the golf industry advancing through the ranks from entry level support through executive management.  While the vast majority of Joe’s career has been rooted in the golf sector, his expertise expands beyond the links.  His professional capacity includes executive management, sales, consulting, marketing, finance, operations, and business skills which is the foundation for his bottom-line driven execution of efficient and inventive strategy.  He has served as both Director and V.P. of Operations for small to mid-size companies across the U.S. thereby enabling him to grow ChariTee Consulting to become one of the most highly reputable and prestigious golf event production companies on the west coast.

Joe is constantly striving to enhance and perfect golf event experiences.  His passion and energy are centered on closing the communication gap between charities and local businesses by bringing the necessary funds to non-profits while expanding our client’s social responsibility strategy through well marketed events.

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